What about?

Children’s Ministry

Where is children’s ministry found in the Bible? The Biblical understanding of children’s ministry is PARENTS teaching and instructing their children. What if we at Box Church gave you the tools to do that throughout the week? What if also the church today practiced worship like the early church where children and adults all sat in the same room, worshiped together, listened together and asked questions together with one another? That is a powerful teaching tool in the life of a child. Who’s to say that other types of gatherings can’t also take place as adult leaders invest in all the children or students in that particular area at a given time? Children’s ministry will be given a great priority in Box Church as we come alongside parents and help them instruct and discipline their children as unto the Lord.

A Pastor That I Can Feel and Touch

Box Church is actually a church planting/existing church network. Pastors who partner with us will serve as the local pastors for an area. The pastors partnered with Box Church in a particular region will serve as regional overseers much like the Ephesian Elders did in Paul’s time.
For Box churches without a “hub” pastor, those with the spiritual gift of pastor will serve as the pastors of that particular area. (Pastor is actually a spiritual gift). Area Elders will also serve as shepherds and overseers of a particular region as pastors are raised up and sent out. Also, just as Paul sent Timothy, John Mark, Tychichus and others to minister on his behalf, so Box Church will send pastors out as needed. Box Church wants to empower lay leadership (the priesthood of believers) and have people minister in their spiritual gifting. 

When Problems Arise

When problems arise, we would hope that those problems would be turned over to a Box Church Leader. If it can’t be resolved there, a Regional Overseer can be brought in. If it can’t be resolved at that point, a Box Church pastor can be obtained to help correct and give wisdom to a situation. 

Corporate Gatherings

The main emphasis of Box Church will be the weekly gathering of the people of God within a particular box. There will also be the opportunity to gather with all the box churches in that area once a month for fellowship, serving the community, telling people about God’s love, or worshipping together. Once a quarter the churches of that region will gather for a corporate worship service and once a year, all of the Box Churches from all over the world will come together in one place as a big Box Church family!

Traditional Church Programs

Like men’s ministry or women’s ministry or children’s or youth ministry? Who says your box can only meet once a week? I would encourage you to do life together and meet several times a week for meals and prayer and Bible study. This would be a great time to teach the kids as well, and do men or women’s studies. The church can also be mobilized to work together in a particular area. Again, the church is not a place but a PEOPLE.


But, let’s explore this a little bit further. For every Christ-follower, Jesus IS our Sabbath Rest. We have Jesus every single day. We find our joy and our relationship IN Him. The physical principle of Sabbath remains. We physically need to rest from our normal work during the course of our week. Six days are used for working, one day is for resting from our work. But, we also need to look at Sabbath with spiritual eyes. Sabbath is not just to be celebrated ONE day of the week, but rather it is to be celebrated EVERY DAY of the week because of Jesus and what He has done. This means that Jesus, who is our Sabbath Rest, can be worshiped (and should be worshipped) on any and every day of the week because every day is sacred and every day is holy before Him.

The Traditional Church

Think about 20 people in your box versus 2,000 people in a traditional church. When the Apostle Paul wrote his letters to the churches in Asia Minor and Greece, he did not write them to giant congregations with giant buildings. They did not exist. No, he wrote them to house churches that were gathered all across the region. House churches that would not attract the attention of the Roman authorities, and yet what do our churches in the US look like today? Let me ask you, in which model is accountability more functional? In a traditional model, it’s easy to blend in, arrive late, leave early and never really be known or seen. It can often be a great place to hide. But, think about accountability in the context of a box. You can’t really hide. If you don’t show up, everyone will know it. If you are having marital problems, everyone will know about it. But, don’t let this thought intimidate you. It’s exactly what the New Testament has in mind when it comes to church! The same can be said for spiritual gifts, spiritual disciplines, helping people become more like Jesus, and taking care of the needs of others. The New Testament church functions in community, and community is best understood in the context of a box.

Think about “being” the church vs “going” to church

When a typical person walks into a traditional church, what happens? Many people come in, sit, absorb, receive and leave. You see it all the time. They arrive late and leave early. They’ve done their duty for the week. You’ve heard the adage, “20% of the people do 80% of the work.” Is this how the church should function? Shouldn’t we empower people to serve; Not just to fill a spot as a greeter at the door or a volunteer in the nursery but to help people find and fulfill their God given spiritual gift? Shouldn’t this be the role of the New Testament Church? This is what Box Church is committed to.

Think about giving

When you give to a traditional model church, to where does all of that money go? It goes to building funds, building maintenance, insurance, electricity, A/C, and on and on. David Platt, the former director of the International Mission Board is quoted as saying that the average church in North America gives .05% to global causes! Not 5% but .05%!
Is this what God has in mind for His resources? Box Church wants to allocate most of what’s given in a box church location back to every one of its boxes. This will help those churches live out Acts 2 and Acts 4 which was characterized by generosity.

Will each Box Church function as an individual church?

Each Box Church will serve as a ministry location for Box Church as a whole.  Each Box Church will operate under the central structure of Box Church, but each Box Church will also make decisions that pertain to that specific location.

Is Box Church a Denomination?

Box Church is actually a network of churches. Box Churches could be individual locations or whole churches that come underneath the Box Church model and structure.

What is the system for Box Church?

Box Church Network (Pastors, Staff, Board)
            Will serve as the leaders of Box Church, ensuring that the Biblical vision is carried out.

Regional Overseers (Hub Pastors)
Pastors who will minister to their local assembly and also network with the other pastors of Box Church.

Box Church Leaders (Qualified, Trained Leaders - Deacons/Deaconesses)
            Responsible for leading their individual Box Church under the vision of Box Church.

Priesthood of Believers
That’s anyone who is indwelled with the Holy Spirit! You are important to Box Church.