Throughout the Week:

•  Meet throughout the week using the Box Church service

•  Meet at other times for Bible study, fellowship, discipleship, prayer.
Who says you can only meet together once a week?

•  Serve together

•  Use spiritual gifts when you come together to minister to one another.

•  Invite others to be a part of your box church family by opening up your table.

•  Use the Bible App and other resources available on (link to Bible app)

Once a Month:

•  Find other box churches around you on

•  Coordinate and Gather with these groups in a rented facility or park for worship, fellowship, serving, or prayer.

•  Have Box Church students at that time come together for worship, Bible study, fellowship or prayer.

Once a Quarter:

•  Gather with all the box churches in your region for a corporate worship event.

Throughout the Year:

  • Empty your box church bank account!

  • Launch a new box church!

  • Serve as a box church family.

  • Gather with all the people of Box Church in one place for a corporate worship event.

Who is Box Church?