How DOes box church work?

Box Church exists online

Any Smart Phone, Smart TV, Smart Device, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop will take you to Box Church. Every week, you will be able to watch a Box Church message, follow a Box Church order of worship and access tons resources for doing church in your box.

Box Church exists at any time

Since Box Church is not live, your Box can meet on any day of the week, at any time during the week and follow our prepared service—Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

Box Church exists in community

This is not “doing church” by yourself by listening to a podcast or a sermon on TV. No! It is living out the Gospel centered life with other believers. It is doing life as a family, using Box Church resources to help you fulfill that Biblical calling.


Unleashing God’s People

What Box Church dreams about is seeing every one of its people operating in his or her spiritual gift.

Unleashing God’s Resources

If much of the money that is given to a traditional church goes to the building and building maintenance, what if there was something different? What if the money given in each Box Church goes to no capital campaigns and no building maintenance? Since Box Church is built on the idea of using things that are already built, what then would all of those tithes and offerings go toward? Two things: MISSIONS and MINISTRY! We give back to your box, much of everything that’s given to accomplish those two things!

Unleashing God’s Church

Box Church asks every church not just to add but to multiply. What if every box church identified a potential leader of the next box church within their current box with the idea of raising that leader up to start a new box in one year? Think about the leaders the Kingdom would be producing and releasing! Think about the harvest of people that will come to Christ because of intentional relationships and teaching people to be like Christ! Box Church wants to truly release God’s Church into its full potential.

Uniting God's World

Box Churches can be started in any box, in any place on the globe, as long as there is an internet connection. Think about the world worshipping with you as you worship in your own box. This means that you would no longer be worshipping on a just a local level but also a national level and a global level! What a thought!

Box Church System