How easy is it to start a Box Church?

Everything you need is found on your smart device.

We are not asking anyone to preach a sermon, lead the singing, or come up with the order of worship. All of that and more is all available to you on our app. Think about it like this. Everything that you would experience at a typical church service (video countdown, song 1, song 2, sermon intro video, sermon, closing prayer, etc.) is going to be ready for you each week on the app.

What we need from you is to invite others to the vision.

An Invitation To The Table

Your dining room table is the centerpiece of community. Just like it was in the early church, it needs to be viewed as an instrumental tool in the vision casting and discipleship process. Make use of it. Invite others around you to get to know them and share the vision of Box Church with them.

Request a Box Box

What’s a Box Box? It’s a literal box that we put in the mail to you that will help you get started in launching your Box Church. What’s in the box? Invite cards, promotional material, how to handle the finances, a vision statement from our founder.

Launch Plan

Set a time

Set a time for when your Box Church is going to meet and when you are going to start, and go for it.


Once you’ve set a time, get prepared. Have light food available for people to snack on as they arrive. Once people arrive, press play. Seriously, it’s that easy. When it comes time for discussion after the message, facilitate that time by going through the questions and encouraging people to share. When that time is over, press play once again and watch till the end.


Encourage others to invite, Encourage others to launch another Box when the time is right, Encourage your group to find out their spiritual gift and begin operating in those spiritual gifts, Encourage everyone to give. One of the most influential pieces of Box Church is being able to give financial resources away. Encourage your group to meet throughout the week, even if it’s just getting together for fun. Again, this is about developing community with one another!


Grow spiritually, Grow numerically, Grow by multiplying and launching new Box Churches! Don’t be sad about that. That’s what the New Testament is all about. Besides, you will see everyone monthly, quarterly and yearly!

Box Leadership Training 

As a Box Church leader, training is always available to you. We want you to be the best and we want you to be fully resourced. We can get you in touch with other experienced Box Church leaders along with qualified staff to help you with whatever you need.

Our founder loves sharing the vision of Box Church. If you can get a room full of people willing to listen to the vision, he will come and share it, answer questions, and help a Box Church to be established in your community. 

Find a Box Church near you

You can always check the app to see if there are any Box Churches around you. We try and keep that map up to date as much as possible. You can also check the app to see if there are any churches around you that are already part of the Box Church Network.

Technical Info and Help

If you ever need help of any kind, you can always contact us.